Amigis Greek Olive Oil

AMIGIS: Organic EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) 

Niko and his family have been producing olive oil from their olive grove for many years. The olive grove produces extra virgin olive oil imported from Tanagra, Greece and bottled in America. The name, Amigis pronounced (A-ME-YEES) from the greek word meaning pure.  Our first trees were planted in the 1930's by Niko's yiayia(grandmother) and her siblings, and we have kept them healthy and growing olives for all these years to now produce our olive oil for you! Amigis olive oil is grown, pressed and farmed by family and shared with friends.


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        Amigis Greek Olive Oil

        Amigis Greek Olive Oil


        Organic EVOO

        (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) 


        • Olive grove harvested by Niko & family 
        • Fair-trade & Product of Greece 
        • Hand-poured, 375 ml Bottles
        • Curated in Tanagra, Greece 

        *Please note limited supply of olive ...

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